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We deliver landmark EXPORT IMPORT DATA

With focused understanding of the needs of all the respected clients, we at Iqra believe in delivering proper information of global export import data from the market and making a balance in the business enhancement of the clients. Their needs and requirements are our first priority, which the expert team of consultants and executives take care of each day, resulting in good and strong reports breaking the landmark standard comparing to others in the trade of import export details. We can guarantee that with the latest enhancements added we are now one of the best import export data website, in the market.

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Talking of values the main aim is

Word Branding defines your company profile. IQRA GLOBAL EXIM, understand this phenomenon; so take our responsibility to give you best out of best exim data.

IQRA GLOBAL EXIM has always & always priorities QUALITY service. Quality is the main thing, which can capture client attention + retain existing clients...

Our Analytical report provides exact and extensive details for your global import export data & overseas Exim Data. As per your requirements, our team prepares the report which helps you to identifies the target market easily.

IQRA GLOBAL EXIM, is known for its best & affordable price range; import export details of various countries.

With these 4 top values we are here to provide our clients with the enhanced import export business planning and policies to have a great growth in the world of international trade imports and exports data for better business and analysis.


Getting the quality import & export data will help you in gaining more customers for your business + you can also access to various countries data in order to capture foreign clients.
Now it's time to fly. With the enhancement of digitalization every business can do business all over the world. IQRA GLOBAL EXIM helps you to complete your dream exim data. We at IQRA GLOBAL EXIM provides all over country's export import trade data.
With the help of latest import and export data you can understand the current market trends, needs & demands so accordingly you can plan your business strategies to make your business profitable.









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What We Do

Search of Potential Buyers and Suppliers

With the thorough analytical research and reports we provide, it is a hassle free way for our clients to get connected to different potential buyers and suppliers all over the globe for enhancement of their business with full import export data.

Activity tracking

To grow in your business it is essential to understand your competitors. With our expert analysis you can now tract your competitor’s activity on a daily basis specifically basing on their import export trade data.

Saving Import Duty

With the usage of advanced duty tool and latest import data customs we provide it is much easier to lead the market saving high import duty.

Sustainable Report Building

It is essential to understand the import data customs reports which can affect the growth of business. So now with our experts working on the report building tool, we at Iqra provide the best remedies for creating sustainable reports.

Potential Market search

It is essential when in the business of latest import export data to understand the market to sale your products all over the globe in a wide and spectacular way.

Tracking good product market

With our data on the different markets around the globe, now you can track your potential market around the globe to sale and advertise your products.

Enhance Sales

With the creative and strong practical reports of all the different country wise import export data we provide, it would now enhance sales all over the global markets. This would also help our clients from losing their potential sales, bringing more profit on board.

Optimization and Channelize Sales

Having a hold on the market with the sales and product analysis now our clients would save time and energy with the new enhanced and optimized sales with proper channelizing for their products around the globe. This is possible with the new enhanced exim data online we provide


Work of Excellence

Right company = Right Business

If you want to get succeed in business you need to follow the right person or right leader.
With IQRA GLOBAL EXIM we give you best export import data for your specific business needs & ensure that you will get the right & accurate import export data + you can capture right audience.

principle of business growth

Every growth has only one fundamental principles & I.e right target audience.
IQRA GLOBAL EXIM provides you best overseas trade import export data for your business & help to achieve your business goals faster.

Generate Sales Leads

Businesses who sees reliable income development, it must have a strategies to get into it. IQRA GLOBAL EXIM helps you in taking you to right path.